Friday, June 19, 2009

Good to be back

I've definitely been on a long Hiatus. So much has happen, that trying to write about it all would just take me forever. I think that last time I made a post was in Late April. So just to catch the world up on what happened. 1) My birthday money was stolen from me. Unfortunately its one of those cases where I new the person, but was so saddened by their criminality to say anything. So I left it alone. I can only wonder what kind of desperation would make someone teal from another person. 2)My traitorous Aunt has cancer. The woman who tried in her own way to harm my mother. Instead of feeling gleeful, I'm actually saddened by this. Life has a funny way of affecting us all. One day you're the criminal, next day you're the victim. I wish her the best, and hopes she makes it. She's currently doing chemotherapy. 3) Umm I realized that I can wait for romance. Alot of people would think I'm waiting for perfection. I say NO " I'm waiting for something close to it, but never perfection". The way I see things. Education and family are my 2 top priorities Right now. To even get into a relationship wouldn't be fair to the guy or myself. How can make demands on another person to make me their #1 when they haven't gotten their situations in order? Statistics have shown that men are ready to settle down after education, and the scecurement of a job. so yea I can def. wait. 4) I got my first Job EVER! Currently working at a daycare/foster home. Its not so bad. being that it's ran by Nigerians, I pretty much get to do things my way! It's a very eye opening experience, because I've always wanted to work, and often envied people my age with jobs. But now looking back, i understand why my parents didn't want me working.

Anyways that's it for now...and btw I can be found on FB


  1. welcome back. hope your aunt gets better, sory about your money..

  2. Welcome back its nice to see you here!
    Sorry about your aunty..

  3. Its very unfortunate about ur aunt. May she recover from this sickness. WHO STOLE UR MONEY?! DO I KNOW THE PERSON?! CHINEKE! How did u know who took it? U sure u didn't lose it? Its good to know u are deticated ot ur education nad family. Those are always important.

  4. Hey Welcome Back you were greatly missed...
    Hope to hear all about your Adventures... :D