Saturday, October 17, 2009


So everyone in blogsville already knows i'm the worst blogger out there. here i am returning 2 months later to post a blog. I couldn't sleep, hence the reason why I'm up at 12 in the morning blogging as if to say it's going out of style.

You know what I miss? Life in the 90's, way before the internet, media, or technology over took my life. I loved everything about that time period. I actually saw my friends, when we made promises we stuck to them, people were still candid, and honesty was rewarded. Now in 09' anything goes. the word friendship has taken on a slightly new meaning. Honesty is now a figment of the imagination. People no longer say what they mean. Imagine we've now replaced warm bodies, with Facebook profiles, and comments as normal conversations. Almost everyone says what they think you'd like to hear. No one speaks from the heart anymore. Its all a game of who can say what and gain what? Even AIM has replaced group meetings. Hiding behind LOLs in order not to offend someone. Here you talk with a faceless individual whose words hold no merit. It's almost like a charade that we have to keep up. you feel compelled to do as others are doing, but it never feels right.
is it too much to ask for that I be able to communicate through touch, rather than a Wi-fi connection? may i get a warm hug rather than a meaning less 'poke' over facebook? How about an email that is at least up to a paragraph telling me how your day really was, and how you actually feel? Whatever happened to sending letters anymore? so that i know that you actually put heart and time into writing, and sending it.
I don't know, maybe I'm just rambling, but I'm pretty sure someone out there feels the same even if it is remotely.


  1. I think about this sometimes and wonder if there's need to cry over spilt milk. I miss those days too even as I like how I could get in touch with my long lost friends through fb. Life moves on I guess.

  2. wow..even if you are rambling..i feel you..been thinking of writing a letter to my friends..scan and mail to them..just cos of this same thing you are saying...
    welcomes backs

  3. I feel the same. And I am particularly guilty. I can hardly bring myself to call anymore. Write? Sounds like something practiced by ancient civilizations. It's so convenient living in virtual reality but it kill the true spirit of friendship. It should; when the only bond is a radio wave.