Thursday, January 29, 2009

Michael's: Like a kid in a candy store

So today i went to Rego park for my art supplies. Michael's is the name of the store that held my future grade for art 211. I sauntered up the escalators thinking what kind of art store would need this much space. The place was absolutely spacious. As my greedy eyes took in all the colors, I wondered where I should start...sooo i headed to the beads section. They had make your own bracelets, earring and necklaces do it yourself books!! and the color of the beads, the shapes, the beauty, was so overwhelming. It was at that moment that I realized i only had $60 and Michael's was hella expensive...arrgh so frustrating!! So i walked around taking my sweet time to get my school supplies. I ended up in the crayola section. It spoke to that childlike part of me. You know when I was ten, and used to watch the commercials of erasable markers, and retractable crayons, and amazon inspired colors. Needless to say I spent 35 mins in that section just going up and down, treating my eyes to a bevy of colors and new ways of coloring. I dont wanna bore you with the detail, buuut I did end back up at the beads section, to have another look, and that took another hour....I loved every part of it. I came home and added Michael' to my favorites list. Yours truly WILL be going back, and I will learn to make my own jewelry.

Will you look at that??? another great art store just came to my attention.....They call it Pearl :)

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