Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dance Practice

So yesterday I had dance practice in brooklyn. I thought it just be a "hop on the train" kinda thing and we're there, but Nooooo. Aftr taking a bus, then the train I had to meet one of my dance partners. We took 2 trains ( one had to go into manhattan b4 brooklyn) then when we finally got out we had to take another toitslast stop...and then we gt piked up. I was pretty tire by the time we reached brooklyn. ( advice to readers: its take approx 2 hr to get to brooklyn from Queens, but by car its 20-30 mins ) I was sooo VEXED and hungry by the time we finally emerged from underground, that My friend and I ran into Subways to grab a sandwich. We finally get in only for a homeless man, to come in and start dancing in front of our table. So i decided to encourage him by singing along " blame it on the a a a a a alcohol..." ( that man had moves!!! had I not been so hungry the good samaritan in me would've offered him some of my sandwich, but no one comes between me and my food during a time of hunger: I simply won't allow it)


  1. lol
    funny story
    what kind of dance you do?

  2. lol yea i feel. i can't let my food goo. no way mister

  3. hehehehehe! eeya...

    adaze took the question right out of my mouth!

  4. love the song and the sandwich. yum. lol

  5. @ adeze i did modern dance for a i'm looking to broaden my horizen
    @BC: lol...
    @ bibi: i like ur name...i have a persina name who i call bibi. But yea the sandwich was EXCELLENT. SUBWAY never disspoints