Saturday, April 4, 2009

Na juju??

This morning I woke up at my usual time; 5:30 am, to get ready for Saturday class. Come time to leave I couldn't find my metro card. Not just any regular metro card. A transit check; this allows me to ride the bus/train unlimited for a while year. So now i was frustrated and asked my youngest sis if she had seen it. turns out my parents found it on the floor and when i questioned them, they had no idea what they did with it...arrrgh. so my father thought he might've put it in the garbage. yours truly had to don some gloves and sift through garbage looking for it. Couldn't find it there, so instead i took money from my dad for transportation. i went to open the front door to leave, and turns out i was locked inside. Never mind that the door wasn't actually locked. a screw had come undone, and lodged into the bolt hole. trapping me and my family inside. so once again i called daddy to the rescue.... and even he couldn't open it!! now it was 8:00 and my class starts at 9. ( its takes me approx 45 mins to get to hour on a bad this) so after hammering, and sliding a knife through the lock part of the door, nothing happened. Then my mother got the brilliant idea of me climbing through the window. i was flabbergasted. but then i ended up doing it. With the help of my father, i climbed on top of our PC to reach the window...nearly ripping my pants in the process. finally got my foot onto the jeep and hopped down. I ran to the bus stop (I never knew i had this much speed in me). by the time i got to the train station to buy a new metro card its was 8:24. The next bus didn't come until 8:40. Imagine the look on peoples faces when i walked into lecture late. me that's always there before the professor and everyone else self....but on the bright side today was the last Saturday week is spring break!!!! but how am i supposed to leave the house without my transit check now????


  1. oh wow..what an sweets!

  2. Eya!!! Lo@ going through the window sha, as long as neighbours weren't staring suspiciously....

  3. awww..
    bad luck huh. i ran for the bus on Friday too. Haha ur also discovering ur speed like me..

  4. Lol @ almost ripping your pants in the process...Thank God for mercies which may seem insignificant...
    You sound really enthusiastic about Spring Break...I heard a whispher saying that there is something brewing on the
    We patiently await the narrative...
    try searching for it may find it in the strangest of places...

  5. lol sowi babez..btw love ur blog already!..:)