Monday, April 27, 2009

You missed out. It came and Went.

Birthdays have a very funny ways of letting you know who cares, who doesn't, or who just plainly forgot. I personally see birthdays as peace treaties. It's probably the only time where you can hit up a person with whom you've had a falling out, or a way for an old lover to tell you that they're still interested, or for a way to get back in touch with people you haven't spoken with in a long whlie. basically Birthdays are a time of forgiveness, of moving on, and knowing who really matters and who does not.

Perhaps I read the signs all wrong and you really weren't interested. So you call me on the 22nd. I called you back because I was unavailable at the moment, yet you didn't return my calls. How interesting. Here I was hoping that it was just a fluke, or somehow someway, our networks just didn't want us to connect. So i left it alone, thinking " well tomorrow is my birthday surely he'll call then." But you never did. I couldn't really get mad ( I' don't do anger). what annoyed me the most was that you were supposed to be interested yet all I got on facebook was a measly "happy b-day". SERIOUSLY, like are you kidding me? two can play that game I thought when I saw it, so I replied...'thanx'. Cuz your pathetic happy birthday didn't even deserve my precious thanx. Yes its the thought that counted, but if you couldn't "think" enough to call me, then I wasn't going to bother. Even after my birthday you didn't call. But you called Tonight. Why oh why? ( perhaps now is the time to confess that I lied tonite) It was a necessary white lie. Ok maybe not so white. but it was still necessary. I hate that feeling that comes, especially when someone could've done more, or something of that sort (I do have selfish tendencies but so what!). I don't know. I guess what I'm trying to say is that out of sight is out of mind. if you're trying to win me over then shouldn't you have put in more effort? perhaps back in my younger years I would've sat by and still accepted your call whole heartedly regardless of how many days, weeks months or years you didn't call ( a bit of exaggeration). But I'm no longer a child, and its even harder to pretend like everything is kosher, especially when its not. So don't act all hurt, like you care, because i know deep down where it counts you really don't.


  1. first time here... I do understand how you feel.. but hang on.. things will infold beautifully.. Gotta have HOPE!

  2. sorry hun..and sorry i didn't wish u happy Birthday on teh day itself.
    Happy belated birthday! I'm glad you're so fierce and strong minded. That's good. If he doesn't care then you shouldn't either. Don't worry things will work themselves out.

  3. yea i know what you mean.. should have put in a little effoert..

    well thats the way it is, apart from that hope you had fun on ur bday

  4. awwwwww sweetie..*hugs*

    i hope u had a great day regardless?

  5. Don't let nothing get you down. People will always disappoint. I have just learned to not relinquish all my trust into them. Trust and have faith in God. And you will be filled wiht peace.
    Oh Yeah.....NOW LEAVE A COMMENT ON MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!LOL...luv ya girl