Wednesday, February 11, 2009

happy wednesday

So this morning i ventured out of my house in my big brown winter jacket, looking like mother bear. Got as far as the bus stop, and it hit me!! It wasn't windy, the sun was out and i was slightly glistening ( cuz we all know girls dont sweat ;) ). I lugged myself back home and quickly changed jackets.

Soooo as my schedule dictates...I had art and afro caribbean dance today. I realized that my new found friend joseph is gay. I mean he had feminine tendencies, but alot of dudes are that way. AND we were talkin about something and he said "my partner and I...." OMG i totally did a double NO WAY!!! my first official openly gay friend. But he's really cool ( i mean any guy that offers to buy me food is automatically cool with me). J** was here today. wierd cuz he missed art last week. when he walked in I was like "well well well...look who decided to join us". So passing around the attendance sheet I saw that his last name is "husbands" like HUH??? what's the story behind that one?? but then I remembered my own last name and thought " i should be the last person to speak".

Next came dance. the instructor's name is June. She quirky, and sarcastic at the same time. I love sarcastic people. Dont ask me why. they always seem to know more than they let on. So yea, June had us doing 20 mins of exercise. By the time she was done I felt muscles that i didnt even know I had start aching. My head was pounding, and my heart was racing. June said "girl the way you huffing and puffin would put a woman in labor to shame"!! That definately got a laugh from the class.

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  1. heyy girrl..sorry. this is random...but i have a poem blog if you'd like to read it...its up to you. =]] there you go....have a good day....