Monday, February 23, 2009

Mr. Therapy man

I'm interested in the piano man.
He's ever so intruiging.
Long tapered fingers that glide
so so so easily across the keys,
black on white,
melody on top of one another
racing to be the first
and last tune that i hear.
O Pianist. Play me a soft gentle melody...
as my head falls on this cloud of softness.
Lull me to sleep,
as your fingers glide...
gently gently along my skin.
Brown on brown,
playing out the sounds that only nature can emit...
with dips and moans and glides and tones...
Pianist play me one of those forever songs...
that'll last me till the east comes alive and west sleeps once again.


  1. Wow..that was beautiful..

    So is there REALLY a piano man? ;)

  2. actually reads with musical flow...good job!


  3. aww thanx you guys...
    its refreshing when ppl enjoy my stuff..