Monday, February 16, 2009


so you know how things happen and someone you used to be cool with, just stop talking? Like perhaps they heard the wrong thing and never confronted you about it? I mean don'tget me wrong, I'm all for giving information to someone, but if i feel its gonna jeopardize another thing, I'd rather keep my information to myself....But thats not the point I'm trying to make...lets save that topic for another day. So today I decided to extend an olive branch. I mean one of us has to be the mature one and step up....since it wasn't going to be you, I took it upon myself to do something....But not without the help of a third person. You see the thing is...I'm an awfully blunt person. I ask question straight...I can't for the life of me stall when it comes to words. I 'm not one for pleasantries...I guess that explains why some people think I'm unapproachable. (and I'm still working on my flirting skills) Pretentious people...mainly females are a turnoff for know the ones who have to shower a person with compliments, and cutesy little words... Like seriously get to the DAMN point you DIMWITS! you're wasting time.!!!
But as I've learned today...sometime you have to use those cutesy little words, you have to compliment others, because it is always easier to approach a person with sweetness, rather than harsh and direct words

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  1. I definately understand what you mean...Im the already know I'm a