Saturday, February 28, 2009

the sweetest thing

so the pianist and i have been talking for a while now...I love the sound of his voice on the phone, especially at night after a long day. He has this way of making me laugh in one moment, and frustrated the next. He knows just what buttons to push to get me to react. I've never really been a phone person, until I'm looking at the bill, we started from 1 hour and moved on to 2 hours maximum. He's the first person i want to speak to at the beginning of each glorious dawn, and the last voice i want to hear when the sun finally sets.
it's an amazing feeling to finally find someone, whose intellect is at the same level of yours..well lets just say he has a year of experience ahead of me. He takes the term communication to a whole new level. I've never had my heart so bared to a person, my feelings so readable. It's safe to say I've met my match....