Tuesday, March 3, 2009

and yesterday

A huge snow storm/blizzard decided to hit NY. Piled up to more than 10 inches. Decided to shovel the snow with my lil sis. We ended up having a snow fight. Nothing is more chilling than having snow stuffed down your jacket. So we finished shoveling only to find that the blizzard was ongoing. There was absolutely nothing to do all day yesterday, except watch movies, stay on AIM, listen to music, sleep, read, or referee the WWIII between my siblings. I hate feeling trapped in the house. These are things I can do and enjoy on a regular day, when the weather does not dictate my every move. On top of that My anemia decided to act up. No matter how high the heat was turned up, I couldn't get rid of the chill that went bone deep. I started feeling dizzy. To make matter worse my brother's babysitter couldn't get her car out of the snow, so i was stuck playing mommy all day long. ( I knew I shouldn't have been skipping all my iron tablets). Def. was not in the mood for anyone. Tried baking a whole chicken and cooking soup, to help my mood, but not even that worked. NOTHING worked. Tried calling Bebe...she didn't answer, so i fell asleep...didn't wake up until this morning...feeling a little better...but lets see how the day progresses..sigh*

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