Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 1

Of my abstinence from facebook. My internet lover. It's been a whole. I miss your pokes, inbox messages, your notifications, and pics....The little things you the chat feature. So far I'm proud of myself. I can do this! right? right?!! yes i can do this...even though I'm currently suffering from withdrawal symptoms. the shaking, quivering, trembling and itch to sign back on. I promised myself that I could hold out until after easter...but thats far away....

So today I found myself in bed after everyone had left...half asleep and half awake, waiting for God knows what ( actually I know what I was waiting for...just dont wanna say it right now :P)
Ended up at the library..cuz mom kicked me out of the house (sigh*) woe is me. went to York, met up with BoDa ( LMAOOO: inny) and proceded onto Bebe's casa, where we spent the rest of the evening listening to songs, dancing, and catching up. It must be repeated..only this time i need a camera to capture the fun...def got the crazies.


  1. yes sweetie, YOU CAN DO IT! *cheerleader mode on*

    lol why did ur mum kick u out??

    glad u had fun!

  2. oh, the comment section is back..yay!