Friday, March 13, 2009

sick day...

So i was extremely sick...borederline violent. That time of month came subtly ( if your disgusted, go away). The nausea hit me first, then the dizziness. All day I couldn't lay down and get some proper sleep. The cramps were just that bad. On top of that lil bro decided to have playtime galore and jump on me. Felt crummy through out. My hair at the moment look like a cross between Don King and wolverine :(. On top of that I have a 4 hour spanish class tomorrow morning, and a test to boot. There's also another test on monday...Anatomy Lab...adios mio.

So far I can't seem to keep food or medicine down. I've thrown up like 7 x in the past 10 hours or so. I feel utterly weak, and dehydrated. Unfortunately i have to cancel all my weekend plans. I simply wont be able to make it anywhere on my own two feet. My tummy looks though I've been getting ready for summer all winter long. (so thats how anorexics and bulimics do it . YUCKY).

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  1. awww..i hope u r ok now??

    i was also slightly ill..damn cold that wont go away!! argh!