Friday, March 27, 2009

Play your luck @ love

Yesterday was Casino day @ QCC. Don't ask me what types of games there were, all I know was that there were cards, chips tables, and people with Chips in hand. Some winning, and some losing. I didn't know how to play anything, so I gave up my "cash" to someone. With the type of headache I had, i was forced to sit and read my romance novel, that I had just checked out from the library. Halee, sonia, and Ade ventured back and forth from the games to me, for which i was grateful or else I would've fallen asleep.

Watching them I realized that something fishy was going on. The guy that originally like Halee, was talking to Ade. Then it hit me: this isn't the first time they had the same guy vieing for both their affection. There's the computer guy ( whose name shall remain unknown to you the reader) who in the beginning liked Ade ( before she even met halee) Then he started talking to Halee. What do both guys have in common? They're both Jamaican, as are all the guys in that school who've bee trying to talk to me, Uwa, Halee and Ade. Me on the other hand, I learned quickly that guys of any background can be players. My bullshit detector goes off at an alarming rate every time "nonsense chin gum chewing boys" try to spit game. I think its all a conspiracy. Its like they're tryna get with all the Nigerian girls, let alone the fact that we're all like sisters, and hang out together, so its not like they ( dudes) don't know what they're doing.

Then there's the "other" who for some reason loves giving me mixed signals. If i was remotely interested I'd be alarmed, but at this rate I'm only disgusted cuz I definitely am not feeling him, and he has the nerve to try and talk to another one of my friends at the same time. Ugh! And people wonder why I have a low tolerance for guys ( who aren't my close friends or besties). They all come with the same sorry excuses and the same pathetic lines.


  1. I like the name brown sugar!
    About Guys, needs wisdom.
    First time here
    and thanks for stopping by

  2. your pic is nice. yea some guyz are like that,but don't generalize because some guyz are really sweethearts

  3. some guys just never cease to amaze me..

  4. @Olufunke: Thank you so veryy much. and even the wisest woman on earth could never understand guys..too much wahala

    @BSNC: Thanx. I know better than to generalize, but sometimes my experiences get the best of me

    @Buttercup: Eagerly nods while agreeing****