Monday, March 30, 2009

Don't talk to me

How do you tell the people you chill with that the newest addition to the group is a fake-O.

Dear readers,
I'm currently dealing with an emotional vampire right now. You know the type. People who don't give a rat's ass about others. They suck the energy from people and give nothing back. then when you try to sublty let them know that you don't appreciate their behavior they suddenly catch the DRAMA QUEEN SYNDROME.
Now don't get me wrong, i have no real problem with this person. its just that They're so vulgar, loud, rude and obnoxious. Now i dont normally get into the habit of telling people how to behave in public, but OMG this person drove me mad!! the worst part is I have yet to let my other friends know how i feel. For one, they always tell me how wonderful this person is, and how cool, and how funny they are.I'm sorry but when did it become funny to make fun of an indian person just because they were muslim. Especially when one of the people that was with us is muslim. SMH.
now i'm at my boiling, because for me to sit here all day and rant is just not my kind of thing to do. lets just say i'm fed up with this person and their behavior. up to the point that if he/she is with my friends i just walk away. Its like he/she put some kind of curse on them, that makes them fall for his/her foolishness. i mean i love my friends and all, but until this person came into the picture, i've been seeing them in a whole new why do you fall so easily for this bufoonery? sigh** it makes no sense at all..

Anyways that all for today: Back to my Anatomy and Physiology!! test on monday. wish me luck


  1. lol @ emotional vampire..

    I just call 'em parasites

  2. lol...emotional vampire..sucking it all! sure u will be fine nd i hope u have calmed down o seen as u posted this hours ago.

    All the best in ur exams..

  3. Hey welcome to blogsville..
    Goodluck on your test!!!

  4. Dealing with such can be really catastrophic...especially when they are stubborn...and you don't mean any harm...

    Anyways...just do what you think you have to babe...

  5. @ RocNaija lol @ parasites
    @Gee: yes I'm calm now, and thanx for the luck
    @ Rose: Thank you for the welcome. now i feel like i truly belong :) ( and yea I've decided that keeping my distance is the best thing...I've got more important things like my exams to worry about)

  6. Sorry about the war between you and that blood connoisseur vampirerologist friend of yours. Ur lousy fat friend is acting as if she’s starved of oxygen in the brain. If she wasn’t ur friend, I’d thrown my shoes and a 5 kg bag of plutonium at her and bitch slapped her fat megawatt ass back to her father’s village. I hope u don't need blood donation cos I hate needles and would not be able to help u to replenish the blood ur vampire friend sucked from your neck while u were asleep in friendship slumber. … "... vulgar, loud, rude, obnoxious... buffoonery, anatomy, physiology … ex-friend, decapitate, exterminate, autopsy, cremation" … Can’t comment on those heavy words cos I don't have those 2 metric tonnes heavy Oxford-Harvard-Cambridge Dictionary. Anyway, do not strangle your ex-friend. The symbol of the Christian cross helps to repel vampires, although it would not kill them unless u physically nail her to the cross. However, doing that will nail ur ass behind bars, so don’t nail her to the cross. I do not want your ass in jail. So, take it easy or take her to church so that they can exorcise that vampire spirit out of her. Whatever you do, do not let her head come anywhere near your breast cos that is where vampires like to suck blood from the most.

  7. its so annoying cos if u tell ur friends how u feel about this person, they'll interprete it as u 'beefing' the person or whatever..

    i guess they'll discover the person's true colors eventually..

    take a deep breath hon!

  8. Buttercup: Thats exactly how I feel!!

  9. lol thats funny. yea people can be like that sometimes.. goodluck on your test. all the best