Friday, March 6, 2009

What was that?

LMAOOOO. ok first of...lets just say this is probably the most awkward and funny thing that has ever happened to you. What was that? Are you that bad of a socialist that, the whole thing went that way? You see this is what happens when meeting someone for the very first time. You play out the scenario in your head...everything is perfect, you enjoy one another's company...everything goes smoothly..and you end up meeting again.
well Lets just say this wasn't one of those meetings. In retrospect you just have to laugh, cuz at this point that all you can do. Either that or cry about and everybody knows big girls don't cry. I mean don't you just hate it when people depend on you begin the conversation. After they see that its not gonna happen like that, they seem to lose interest. You see them getting restless..(usually the drumming on the table gives away the anxiety to leave). You try another location only to find that this one was worse than the last. There nothing else left ot do or say...and they finally walk away.
I say fine. The ball is no longer in your court. So as for now you are no longer in the game. Don't be concerned. You've done your part...and sometimes its not enough, for others. But is should always be enough for you


  1. lol..thankfully that hasnt happened to me....the people i meet for the first always happen to be chatterboxes..