Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Try again

Remember when you were younger...a week shy of being 11 years old, and you discovered the power of prayer? Not that kind of "ok I'll pray once in a month,and forget about it kind of prayer". i'm talking about that "every night before you went to bed, its the last thought on your mind, and you just had to beg God for this type of prayer."
It was those skates. the one you saw on TV, and fell in love with, and you just had to have. The one where all the kids who put it on seemed like they could just glide through life. The smile on their faces, tugging at your heart strings cuz... well wanted a smile like that too. So you prayed with heart. You begged and pleaded and made a deal with God..telling him that if he could grant you this you'll be the best, daughter, student, and sister there ever was. You prayed every night for approx seven months. Seven long hard months, whose passing days just dulled your spirit a bit, because those skates were never gonna be a reality. remember that?
then remember the day mom took you and your little sisters to toys r' us, and she bought you those magical skates. the pink and creamy white ones, with the strap on lace up fronts? my my were the envy of the neighborhood. Even your sisters wanted to put their feet it, but you kept telling them that their feet were too big, and that the skates were custom made for your thought you were cinderella. remember the first time you tried to skate, only to learn that you had to practice skating, and that it wasn't as easy as it looked. you fell, over and over again, but that didn't stop you. Day in and day out you were outside again. little feet in skates against the pavements....Remember how all of this happened approx 10 yrs ago...and it all started with prayer...well I'm gonna need you to pray again. pray with your heart once more.

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  1. wow..this was really heat-warming....i need to get my hard-core-praying-act together..